On Site Interpreting

99.9% Fill Rate

On Site Interpreting is highly recommended when:

* High interaction, such as multiple participants or less structured turn-taking.
Communications that are of a sensitive nature.
*A complex dialogue exchange, such as abstract philosophical interchanges or dialogue with veiled

intentions or multiple meanings.
*Young children and those who have underdeveloped language skills or who use idiosyncratic language patterns.

* Limited body movement
*Individuals with a secondary disability (i.e. low vision) that impedes their ability to utilize technology.
The fulfillment of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990.

JAIS interpreters are not only proficient in both the original and target languages requested, they also possess

dialect and subject matter knowledge needed to ensure an accurate interpretation. We have experience in providing

interpretation services in all types of scenarios and settings including:

Artistic & Entertainment Services, Including Shows, Parks & Concerts 

Conferences & Seminars

Insurance Companies

Hospitality & Cruises
Depositions, Trials & Hearings
Recorded Statements
Religious Functions

Educational (College/University and K-12)

Corporate, including Interviews, Meetings, Training, Job Coaching
Government Agencies - County, State and Federal
Legal/Judicial including District and Superior Courts
Law Enforcement
Political, Platform, Televised, and Special Events
Medical, Dental and Vision Appointments
Hospital including Obstetrics, Emergency, Surgeries, and Follow up
Mental Health Therapy and Counseling
Social Services
Military Settings



  Covers ALL Types

      of Requests




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