Ongoing Clients-

​​​ Send an Inquiry to JA Interpreting Services via email, phone +1 (863) 483-7746, use our request form on our webpage or log into your customer account and place the request. For emergencies, please contact (321)-230-7882.

Booking Services:

JAIS aims to make the process of securing an interpreter as easy and swiftly as possible.

You have several different options, choose whatever best fits your needs.

New Clients-

1. You can send a inquiry and/or request to JA Interpreting Services via email, phone +1 (863) 438-7746, through our request form. For emergencies, please contact (321) 230-7882.

2. JAIS will be in touch to collect your Customer Information and establish a Service Agreement.

3.Create an JAIS Scheduling Account. Our scheduling system is 100% HIPAA Complaint.

With an online Scheduling Account, you may easily request interpreters at your convenience!